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General League and Cup Rules

All games to be played under World Bowls ‘Laws of the Sport of Bowls’ and in accordance with the Rules & Regulations of Bowls England, E.C.B.A. and this Association.

1     There shall be three leagues consisting of:-

        a)   The Premier League (Playing 3 rinks on the same green)

        b)   The Stanford League (Playing 3 rinks on the same green)

        c)   The Windsor League (Playing 4 triples on the same green)

        League winners shall be determined by the highest number of points gained.  In the
        event of two or more teams having equal points, the winner shall be decided on shot

2     Only registered players may play in the League and KO Trophy.

3     Normal days for playing league matches:-
       Premier & Stanford – Wednesday, 6.00pm by agreement of both clubs.
                                             Saturday – 2.00pm, or 10am by agreement of both clubs.
       Windsor – Tuesday & Thursday – starting at 2.00pm.

4     Each rink game shall consist of 21 ends, triples game 18 ends.  League points will
       be scored as follows:- Premier & Stanford : 2 points for each winning rink and 2 points
       for the highest total shots overall.  In the event of a tie, points to be shared. 
      Windsor: 2 points for each winning triple and 2 points for the highest total shots
       overall.  In the event of a tie, points to be shared.

5     The home team captain at each venue is responsible for completing the result card
       and sending the the TH League Secretary by FIRST CLASS POST immediately after the
       match.  Each club will supply the League Secretary with a telephone contact for each
       league, to resolve queries on results.

6     Matches not Played
       If a match is not played both clubs must inform the League Secretary immediately.
       Unless an acceptable reason is given (see Rule 8a) the offending club will receive a 
       10 point penalty and allow the opposing club to claim maximum points and 30 shots.
       The claim by the opposing club must be made immediately by phone or email to the
       League Secretary and a match result card, with their named players included,  sent
       to the League Secretary.  Failure to claim the points and send a mactch result card
       will result in no points being awarded.  Should any club withdraw from any league
       during the season, results of matches with that club will be deleted.

7     Incomplete teams
       ‘Rink Matches – Should a league team present itself to play with one player short,
       the lead and the second will play 3 woods each and the rink will forfeit 25% of their
       score.  Should both teams be one player short and the two short rinks are drawn
       against each other, they must play as a fours rink, each forfeiting 25%.  If a team
       is two or three players irrespective of the actual overall score.       
      Triples Matches – Should a team present itself to play with players short they shall
       forfeit the defaulting triple to their opponents, who will also be awarded the points
       will be awarded.
       For all League Matches – Should both teams have to forfeit a rink only those rinks
       that play will score points and no overall points will be awarded.
       Cup Matches – must have three rinks – the 25% rule applies to one player short.
       For all matches the result card must show all defaulting details including 25% or
       other adjustments.’

8     Postponement or Abandonment:       
       a)     Teams must adhere to the dates agreed as fixtures, no postponements or
                abandonment being allowed, except on account of i). Adverse weather
                conditions, ii).  Insufficient daylight, iii).  Unfit green.
No postponement wil be allowed beause of any team shortage – Rule 6 is applied.

        If a club is forced to rearrange a scheduled fixture every effort must be made to play
        the match early, before the scheduled date.  In the case of an emergency postponement
        (ie whole team sickness, travel problems etc) the club can request a change of
        fixture date with the League Secretary.

         b)     The decision for postponement or abandonment from the above causes
                  (8a – i, ii & iii) will be at the discretion of the Home Team Captain, in 
                  conjuction with the visiting Captain.  A postponed or abandoned match
                  must be rearranged immediately and played within 21 days.  The TH League
                  Secretary must be notified of any rearrangements immediately, by both clubs.

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