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K.O. Trophy & Plate Draw for 2021

  K O Trophy & Plate Draw 2021     
KO Trophy Round One Wednesday 26th May 6.00pm   
The eight winners go to KO Trophy Quarter Final      
The eight losers go to KO Plate Quarter Final    
 A Wivenhoe A v Dovercourt B       
 B Brightlingsea B v Clacton  B       
 C Happy Valley B v Thorpe B      
 D Holland on Sea v Happy Valley A     
 F Thorpe A v Brightlingsea A     
 G Frinton A v Clacton A       
 H Brantham v Kirby     
2nd JuneE Wivenhoe B v Frinton B      


Quarter Finals Wednesday 9th June at 6.00pm       
KO Trophy    KO Plate    
  Winners become     
A  v  B I A  v  B    
C  v  D J C  v  D    
E  v  F K E  v  F    
G  v H L G  v  H    
Semi Finals Saturday 26th June at Thorpe BC    
KO Plate at 10.00am   KO Trophy at 2.00 pm  
I v J    I v J    
K v L   K v L    
Finals Saturday 10th July at Wivenhoe BC both at 2.00pm   

The completed KO result card must be sent to the League Secretary Ron Bennett 

immediately after each match