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                                                COVID-19 MARKERS GUIDE
A guide to marking lawn bowls singles games compliant with government and Bowls England guidance. Guidance is already available for safely playing bowls to minimise contamination and the spread of the Coronavirus. The following suggestion does not form part of any competition regulation but is provided to ensure that when a marker is requested to assist players in a game, that person can perform the duties of a marker that do not put them or the players at any additional risk of infection. Social distancing remains vital and there is no handshaking regardless of how unusual this may feel. 

Start of the game

Marker provides, prepares and keeps one scorecard. The marker should not handle any club equipment and should use their own scorecard holder and measuring equipment. Scoreboards are not required. If the marker needs to use the club’s umpires kit, only they should handle it and it should be disinfected before and after the game if used. Marker uses their coin for the toss to decide who starts the trial end and first end. 

Suggestion: Each player has a jack and mat at the start of the game. Each player uses “their” jack and mat when they start an end. It, therefore, means that players carry their mat and jack up the rink if they have not cast the jack on that end. The suggestion that players use yellow and white jacks if available. The marker does not handle the jack and centres the jack using their foot or a disinfected jack pole if they have limited mobility.

During the game

The marker does not need to handle any bowls during the game. Bowls are moved close to the ditch with the marker’s foot after each delivery during trial ends.  Marker to use chalk spray to mark touchers. Do not use chalk sticks as this requires holding/supporting
the bowl if using a chalk stick. The Marker does not remove chalk marks left from touchers of the previous end. If this is necessary, double spray or swipe spray any touchers during that particular end to indicate they are valid. Marker leaves dead bowls in the ditch and does not remove or touch them. If during the end a toucher enters the ditch, the marker will place ditch marker to indicate its position. Only the Marker touches the ditch marker’s during the game and is responsible for ensuring they are disinfected at the start and end of the game.
Completing the end.

Marker only measures if players cannot agree shot. The marker does not lend their measuring equipment to any player. Marker uses their own measuring equipment including wedges. If the marker needs to use the club’s umpire kit, only they should handle it and it should be disinfected before the game and after the game if used. The Marker should not touch any bowls whilst wedging or measuring. If a player does not agree with the Marker’s decision the player uses their own measure to check the outcome. If the measured distance is more than 1metre an assisted measure will be required. The player assisting will take the box end of the marker’s measure with the marker taking the pointer and making the decision.  The player assisting the measure disinfects the box measure before the marker retrieves their  equipment.  The Marker indicates which bowl is shot by pointing to it but does not roll it away. Once the score for that end is agreed, the marker completes the scorecard and informs both players of the current score before the next end commences. 

End of the game.
The marker shows both players completed scorecard.  Marker agrees with winning player how the result is to be made know to the relevant competition administrators and by whom.
The marker does not handle any bowls, jacks or equipment at the end of the game other than the ditch markers. Players are responsible for returning and disinfecting all equipment that has been used.