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1.   All competitions to be played under World Bowls ‘Laws of the Sport of Bowls’ and in accordance with the Rules & Regulations of Bowls England, E.CF.B.A. and this Association.

2.   All competitions shall be open to all full members of affiliated clubs and shall only be played on county passed rinks.

3.   The competitions shall be : Four Wood Singles, Two Wood Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours and Mixed Pairs.

4.   The Two Wood Singles shall be played to a 21 ends.

5..   In Pairs, Triples & Fours one substitute may be used as ECBA Competition Regulations.

6.   Singles players or teams who are unable to play in competition finals shall withdraw prior to the quarter final but the substitute rule applies through to and including the final – (see Rule 5 above).

7.  The Semi-finals & Finals will be played on a Saturday/Sunday at a time and venue specified by the Competition Secretary.

8.   It is the Challengers responsibility to confirm all games and any problems arising there from must be reported to the Competition Secretary.

9.   If you have entered a competition but have decided not to participate, please let your opponent and the Competition Secretary know well before the date of play.

10.  Results of matches can be submitted by either of the following methods:

*      By telephone immediately following the match played or by 2215 hrs on the ‘play by’ date.  The winning Captain must then forward, by 1st Class post, the result card with both sets of players names on to the Competition Secretary at the address shown on the Management page of the Handbook.  The telephone number is also available there.  An answer machine is available.

*     The Competition Secretary’s preferred method is by e-mail, or  WhatsApp (WhatsApp 
to be used only for results submissions please), however a phone message as above is acceptable.  The e-mail address is also available on the Management page. 

All players names taking part must be in the e-mail. 
The message must be sent before midnight on the ‘play by’ date.