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  1. Title
    The Association shall be called the Tendring Hundred & District Bowling Association.
  2. Objectives
    2.1 The object of the Association shall be to encourage and foster the amateur game
    of level green bowls.
    2.2 To adopt and enforce the Laws of the  Game and apply and enforce any domestic rules that arise.
    2.3 Arrange matches and other competitions between member clubs and their Members.
    2.4 Select players for representative teams to play other Associations and clubs.
  1. Membership
    3.1 Membership of the Association shall be open to bowling clubs who are  affiliated to Bowls England.
    3.2 Application for membership must be made in writing to the Honorary Secretary by 1st November prior to the ensuing season.
    3.3 A Club wishing to withdraw must give notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary by 1st November prior to the ensuing season.
    3.4 An annual fee payable by each club shall be agreed at the Annual General Meeting.
  2. Management
    4.1 The management of the Association shall be invested in the committee.  The “Committee” shall consist of: President, Vice President (President elect), Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary, Competition Secretary, League Secretary and two other members of member clubs.
    4.2 The Committee shall meet at least twice during the open season and once during the close season.
    4.3 Five elected members of the committee  shall constitute a quorum.
    4.4 The committee shall have the authority to fill Officer’s positions which become vacant during the current term of office.
    4.5 No Officer or committee member shall be in receipt of any remuneration for their services.
    4.6 The Management Committee shall form an Emergency Committee of three officers whose decision will be final.
  3. Secretary
    5.1 The Secretary shall keep the records of  business transacted at Management, Delegates and Annual General Meetings.
    5.2 Arrange delegates meetings in accordance with the Constitution and give clubs 28 days notice of such meetings.
    5.3 Deal with day to day correspondence in accordance with the directives of the committee.
    5.4 All correspondence concerning the Association must be addressed directly to the Secretary.
    5.5 Each club shall submit to the Secretary the names, addresses and telephone numbers of their Secretary, Match Secretary, appointed TH&DBA delegates and three copies of their fixture list by the 31st March for the ensuing season.

      6. Treasurer
          6.1 The Treasurer shall keep account of all financial transactions.
          6.2 Present a certified Statement of Accounts to the Annual General Meeting.
          6.3 A Bank account in the name of the Association shall be held with a nominated
          Bank or Building Society as directed by the committee.
          6.4 All cheques drawn for expenditure by the Association shall be signed with
          two signatories from  either, the Treasurer, Secretary or one appointed Officer.

      7. Delegates
7.1 Each member club to appoint two delegates, only one of whom will have
          the  authority to vote  at  a Delegate or Annual General Meeting.
          7.2 Substitute delegates may be permitted at any meeting, provided they are
          authorised by the member club.
          7.3 A member of the Management Committee cannot also be a voting delegate
          for his club.

     8. Annual General Meeting
8.1 Shall be held in November/December each year and the following business
          shall be transacted.
          8.2 To receive reports from the Secretary, Competition Secretary, League Secretary
          and Match Secretary.
          8.3 To receive the Treasurer’s report and approve the certified Statement of Accounts.
          8.4 To agree the subscription due from member clubs each year on 31st March.
          8.5 All nominees to the Management Committee shall be notified to the Secretary
          by 30th September.
          8.6 To elect Officers and Committee members as required by clause 4.1.
          8.7 The Vice-President shall be invited to fulfill the position of President the
          following year.
          8.8 Each member club shall in turn be invited to nominate the Vice-President.
          8.9 Any alterations or additions to this Constitution and League Rules shall be
          made on a  straight majority vote at an Annual General Meeting or at an
          Extraordinary General Meeting convened for the  purpose and then after not
          less than 35 days notice of any proposed alteration or addition has been
         given in writing to the Secretary.

     9.  Code of Conduct
9.1 The TH&DBA adopts the Bowls England Rules  & Regulations, Regulation
          9 as theirs, and all affiliated clubs and their members thereof are expected
          to abide by the code of conduct at all times.

   10.   Representative Badges
10.1 Players in representative matches against other Associations can record
          any two such matches per year (May 1st – April 30th) and be awarded the
          Association blazer badge after their fifth match.  Players in their first recorded
          match will be awarded an Association lapel badge.

    11.  Inclusion           
           11.1 Included in this Constitution are the Rules governing the conduct of
            League Matches and Competitions.  Acceptance of the Constitution
            implies acceptance of those Rules

                                                                                                                           Revised 2014