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Minutes of the Tendring Hundred & District Bowling Association Management
Annual General Meeting held on 8th November 2018 at Clacton Indoor B.C.

Members Present
John Hall, D Watts, D Warren, C Pettican, E Goodyear, R Hunt, B Hopkins, M Hale

The President and Chairman, John Hall, welcomed the delegates and thanked everyone for attending.  This was John’s last meeting as Chairman and he thanked everyone for their support during his term.


Minutes of the last Management Committee Meeting held on 9th November having been previously circulated were approved and signed.

Matters arising from those minutes.  None.

Officers Reports:

Secretary:  As this was David’s last meeting as Secretary he thanked everyone for their support during his period in office.  David was presented with a gift from the committee and thanked for the commitment to the role as Secretary over the last ten years.

League Secretary: This was also Ernie’s last meeting as League Secretary and he thanked everyone for their help and cooperation during his term in office.
There will be 9 teams in the Premier League, 6 in the Stanford and 15 in the Windsor League and 18 in the Knockout Cup.
The Premier teams will play each other home and away totalling 18 games with one team resting each game.
The Stanford will play each other 4 times home and away totalling 20 games.
The Windsor will be split into two leagues of 8 and 7 playing each other 3 times totalling 21 and 18 respectively, games which will be played  on Tuesdays bar one on 5th September.
The Knockout Cup has 18 entries which means there will be 2 games in the preliminary round then 8 games being played in round one with the winners going into the Trophy and the losers going into the Plate.
Ernie handed out the League fixtures to the delegates for 2019.
Ernie said he would be available to help his successor if needed and he would still be on the committee as Vice President.

Match Secretary:
Ray Hunt thanked Mark Hale for his assistance with getting players to play in games.

Competition Secretary:
Clive Pettican thanked Brightlingsea and Kirby for hosting the semi finals and finals of the competitions and asked delegates of these clubs to pass those comments to the officials and volunteers involved who ensured both weekends ran smoothly.
Clive explained  that 76 players had entered competitions for 2019, same as 2018, which enabled the prize money to be maintained at £25 for the Winners and £15 for the Runners Up.
The draw  was made with Dave Warren on the 15th October.
Clive explained he was stepping down from this role and thanked the players and clubs for their support during his time in office.

David Warren distributed the end of year statement and thanked Ernie for carrying out the audit.  The figures were similar to 2017 but with income exceeding expenditure by £125.84 so our current position is £2778.22.

Proposal by Wivenhoe Bowls Club:
That clubs having been selected and agreed to the use of their club for THDBA outdoor representative matches in 2019 receive the same hospitality payments from all those participating in those games.  If there is a conflict between teams in charges then the higher charge should be adopted.
This proposal was then discussed by the delegates and supported by Thorpe.
David Warren then explained that the clubs were invited to host the matches and knew the total income before agreeing to host the match.  THDBA still has to pay the host club if any players don’t turn up.
Essex County paid £10 in 2018, £6.50 to the host club and £3.50 to Essex County.
The 2019 fixtures and fees have already been agreed.
This proposal means players from Tendring will pay more and there would be a danger less players would put their names down and we could lose these matches.
Ray Hunt said clubs pay £10 at Witham.
John Hall suggested that the committee should discuss this further with 2020 in mind.
The proposal was put to a vote and the delegates votes in favour 2 and against 7.
It was also agreed to discuss this matter at the next delegates meeting.

Election of Officers:
The Hon. Secretary reported the nominations were as follows:

President Dave Watts
Vice President Ernie Goodyear
Past President John Hall
Secretary Clive Pettica
Treasurer Adrian Mann
League Secretary Phil Armstrong
Competition Secretary Phil Armstrong
Match Secretary Ray Hunt
Committee Members Mark Hale, Peter Halliday, Melvyn Blackshaw

No nominations from the floor were made.

All the above were voted onto the Committee.

Any other business:
Terry Stevens said he was disappointed that no apology had been  received from Happy Valley or Peter Halliday.

Gary Robinson said the website would be the same but with a link to a second web site run by League Republic.  However 2019 would be a trial and this would only be set up for the Premier and Stanford Leagues.  Gary explained that as soon as results are entered the league table is automatically updated.
Gary suggested results could be sent to Phil Armstrong shortly after the games whilst still at the club house thus increasing efficiency with the card to be posted in the normal manner.
Phil Armstrong said it was important that players on the scorecards are registered.

Frinton said no mobiles would be allowed on their green in 2019 except for an emergency.
Frinton said abuse on the green would not be tolerated and would be reported immediately to the committee.

Frinton said they have tables for sale at £20 Ono.

Terry Stevens said that there had been occasions this year when players wore shorts of dubious quality.  There was a discussion on this about wearing Bowls England shorts only or if not at least tailored shorts.  Terry said that his club would monitor the situation.

Date of Next Meeting:

Management Meeting Thursday 24th January 2019 at Clacton Indoor BC
Group 1 Pre Season Meeting Thursday   4th April 2019 – confirmed by Group
THDBA Pre Season Meeting Thursday 11th April 2019 at Clacton Indoor BC

The new President Dave Watts thanked the delegates and committee and closed the meeting.