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2021 Finals Results

All the winners and runners up

 Premier Division

Winners          Brightlingsea A

Runners Up   Happy Valley A

Stanford Division

Winners          Holland on Sea 

Runners Up    Thorpe B

Windsor A Division

Winners          Thorpe

Runners Up     Wivenhoe A

Windsor B Division

Winners            Wivenhoe B

Runners Up      Holland on Sea B

Knock Out Trophy

Winners            Happy Valley A

Runners Up      Frinton A

Knock Out Plate

Winners            Thorpe A

Runners Up      Dovercourt 

Two Wood Singles

Winner              Peter Halliday        Happy Valley BC

Runner Up       John Russell            Frinton BC

Four Wood Singles

Winner              Steve Vears             Frinton BC

Runner Up        Colin Martin            Frinton BC


Winners             Paul Davey/Albert Twells             Wivenhoe BC

Runners Up       Brian Denny/Kevin Jackson         Frinton BC

Mixed Pairs 

Winners              Peter Halliday/Marilyn Crane       Happy Valley BC

Runners Up        Albert & Marie Twells                     Wivenhoe BC


Winners               Ed Mercer/Dave Williamson/Conor Mathers      Brightlingsea BC

Runners Up         Keith Merit/Brian Hopkins/Mark Hale                  Thorpe BC


Winners               Andy Todd/Clive Elmer/Dave Payne/Richard Buckland   Dovercourt

Runners Up         Martin Toole/Mick Coham/Derek Emms/Dave Stanley    Wivenhoe BC