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Two Wood Singles 2022

K.N. Bland Trophy

This will be completed upto and including quarter on the same day, Sunday 30th July, with the semi finals being played on 19th/20th August at Happy Valley BC and the finals will be decided on 3rd and 4th September

Preliminary Round

A E. Mercer Brightlingsea v M. Coham Wivenhoe
B D. Emms Wivenhoe v P. Latter Claton
C R. Holmes Frinton v D. Barnard Clacton
D C. Martin Frinton v A. Foire Wivenhoe
E J. Russell Frinton v M. Snell Kirby
F P. Armstrong Frinton BYE  
G A. Twells Wivenhoe v T. Hatley Frinton

Second Round

  A   v B  
  C   v D  
  E   v P. Armstrong Frinton
  G   v J. Carrington Kirby
  C. Mathers Brightlingsea v M. Woodger Brightlingsea
  BYE   v G. Stanway Wivenhoe
  D. Williamson Brightlingsea v C. Baxter Dovercourt
  D. Brown Happy Valley v K. Francis Frinton
  B. Hobbs Clacton v G. Self Wivenhoe
  A. Mann Thorpe v A. Jeffrey Wivenhoe
  D. Chase Frinton v P. Williams Frinton
  M. Toole Wivenhoe v C. Pettican Dovercourt
  D. Balls Wivenhoe v B. Denny Frinton
  D. Mills Wivenhoe v P. Hall Happy Valley
  T. Baxter Wivenhoe v M. Deery Mistley & Manningtree
  J. Gibson Brightlingsea v M. Snell Kirby